As we face a second winter of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Londoners are struggling. Our food supplies in particular are vulnerable to another shock – such as leaving the European Union with no deal or a “flimsy deal”, which is a real possibility as we approach the 31 December deadline.

The government’s decision to allow assistance to expire, leave children needing free school meals unsupported, and cut Universal Credit means that it’s up to the Mayor of London to prepare for this winter. Our Assembly Member, Leonie Cooper, used the recent Mayor’s Question Time to ask about this issue.

“Are London’s supermarkets and food supply chains prepared for a late deal or worse, a no-deal Brexit in the midst of a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic?”

In Wandsworth, we’ve been let down too by the Conservative Council’s decision to not extend free school meals to children that need them over the holidays.

Sign Wandsworth Labour’s petition calling on the Council to make sure no child goes hungry this Christmas.

Wandworth’s Foodbanks Need Your Help

During the first lockdown Wandworth Foodbank supported 1200 households – 7 in 10 of whom had never had to use the food bank before.
One family referred was a father living with his two young children. He has been parenting alone since his wife died. He receives Universal Credit but this is not enough to pay all his bills and look after his children. He was working but this came to a standstill when Covid-19 started – a common experience for many local people who’ve had to use the food bank during the pandemic. He told the foodbank:

My household bills just accumulated and I had delayed payments. Universal Credit is not enough. I have to care for my children who are at nursery and primary school. My childcare payments stopped and the computer just says no. It’s so difficult and then it means I have to pay for care upfront. The forms are so complex and it’s so hard to juggle work, kids and these forms. I feel so sorry for other single parents too. My biggest concern for single parents [during lockdown] is that we can’t leave the house so it’s extremely difficult. It’s all down to me and I only have one pair of hands.”

Donate money for food via Bankuet
Your gift via Bankuet, specified for Wandsworth Foodbank, will ensure they can order exactly the food we need for people, when they need it – and Bankuet will deliver it direct to them. You can also add Gift Aid when you give, if you’re able to.

Donate money directly to the Foodbank to use where it’s needed most
Any cash gift you give will be used where the need is greatest to support people in Wandsworth this winter. During December, Wandsworth Foodbank will be giving supermarket vouchers to every individual and family referred to them in hardship, alongside emergency food and toiletries. This means people can choose and buy additional items they need at Christmas, including fresh food, fruit and veg, and treats for children. You can give a single or regular gift, and add Gift Aid if you can.