For London’s renters, Sadiq Khan’s newly released tool will help them navigate property licensing – letting them know that their homes are safe, meet local standards, and correctly registered by their landlord. For Wandsworth’s 41,000 privately rented households, though, the Conservative Council’s failure to act means they’ll remain without protection.

The new tool from the Mayor of London lets you check if your home requires a licence based on its location and how it’s rented. If it does need one, the tool directs you to the relevant London Borough to find out if your landlord holds the correct one.

This matters – not having the correct licence means the landlord can’t legally carry out certain kinds of evictions and you may be able to apply for rent repayments. It also means the council can make sure the landlord let out their properties safely.

For more information, check out the new tool.

Labour Calls for a Licence Scheme in Wandsworth

Wandsworth’s failure to create a licensing scheme means our residents won’t benefit from this or from the security offered by a local licence scheme.

Maurice McLeod, Labour Councillor for Queenstown and Joint Speaker on Housing, said: “It’s great that the Mayor is standing up for residents in this way.

So many private renters find themselves struggling to make sure the homes they live in are maintained to a decent standard.

Unfortunately, it will benefit very few Wandsworth residents as so few landlords in the borough are licenced. Wandsworth has repeatedly ignored our calls to bring in landlord licensing. Many other London boroughs have proved that conditions in the private rented sector can be driven up by a targeted Landlord Licence scheme.

We’re calling on the Council to follow the Mayor’s lead and defend our private renters from rogue landlords. Wandsworth’s residents need a landlord licensing scheme and this has to include all homes, not just homes of multiple occupation who share some facilities.

Paul White, Labour Councillor for Tooting and Joint Speaker on Housing, agreed. “There are many decent landlords in Wandsworth who would want to distance themselves from some of the practices that lend landlords a bad name. Over-crowding, poor conditions, lack of maintenance, high rents, evictions in revenge for pointing out problems, poor energy systems are all suffered by some residents in Wandsworth, these would all be subject to provisions in a landlord licencing system, which the Labour group have been calling for, for many years

Many other London boroughs have proved that conditions in the private rented sector can be driven up by a targeted Landlord Licence scheme, yet Wandsworth continually refuse Wandsworth Labour Party’s requests for a scheme to support Wandsworth renters, that would allow them to avail themselves of the London Mayor’s Rent Repayment Scheme