Freezing Wandsworth’s Council Tax

  • At the Finance Committee meeting on 10 February 2021, Wandsworth Labour voted for a freeze on council tax to help people struggling with Covid costs.

  • But we’ll support a 3% charge to protect our elderly and vulnerable residents.

  • And we will ask Government to pay the Council’s £9m extra Covid bill.

Council Tax is regressive and takes up 6 times more, proportionally, of the income of the lowest paid compared to the highest paid.

This government has also refused to maintain the £20 uplift to Universal Credit at a time when many people face unemployment, some for the first time in their lives. As Wandsworth Foodbank puts it: this is the difference between being able to afford heating for a couple of hours or sitting in the cold.

Many frontline workers working in places like care homes are amongst the lowest paid, as are the gig-economy workers who deliver to our doors. And there are millions who have been excluded entirely from the financial safety net.

All these people will benefit from a freeze in their Council Tax bills this year.

We are supporting a 3% rise in the Social Care Precept to ensure that we have enough funding to protect our most vulnerable people during an unprecedented crisis. This increase will go directly to social care, and cannot be spent elsewhere.

We also continue to call on the Government to keep the promise they made at the beginning of the pandemic. They asked us to do “whatever it takes” to stop the spread of Coronavirus, but now they’re backing out and refusing to pay the £9m Covid bill. Find out more about how we’re trying to give them the bill back!