Earlsfield News – August 2021

Our councillors Jo Rigby and Graeme Henderson have been working hard for you in Earlsfield.

Need help? Email your councillors by using the following addresses:

  • Councillor Graeme Henderson: cllr.g.henderson@wandsworth.gov.uk
  • Councillor Jo Rigby: cllr.j.rigby@wandsworth.gov.uk

The Nicholas Stewart Project: 

We have been supporting Nicholas Stewart Project on the Henry Prince Estate along with our MP, Dr Rosena Allin-Khan.

The purpose of the project is to remember Nicholas and raise awareness about the work that the Nicholas Stewart Project does in conjunction with the local community to improve mental health, combat gangs and knife crime amongst Young people.


Parking around AFC Wimbledon

By working with Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP we have successfully forced a council u-turn on the parking around AFC Wimbledon which would have extended the Controlled Parking Zone to parts of Earlsfield and Tooting 

We are pleased that the council have listened to residents and changed their minds on ill thought out plans which was simply yet another cash grab on hardworking local residents 

You can read more here


Wandle Living Neighbourhood  

We have supported this new initiative of uniting residents, across political parties and across the area.


Demands have included reducing car traffic to create safer and cleaner streets. 

Graeme Henderson speaking at the Nicholas Stewart Project event on the Henry Prince Estate 

Graeme and Jo at the inaugural meeting of the Wandle Living Neighbourhood  

Helping Residents with Housing

  • We have been trying to tackle the completely unacceptable delays in repairing Council homes across the Ward, some of which have been going on for over a year.

We also have asked Council questions over the derelict site of land on the corner of Earlsfield Rd and Algarve Rd and the delays in starting the Atheldene Estate regeneration. We will continue to press on all these issues for which we have received less than assuring responses.

Appalling damp in an Earlsfield property where Jo and Graeme have been helping the residents.

Making walking and cycling safer 


We met with residents in Penwith Rd (the majority of which is in Southfields Ward, represented by Conservative Councillors) and Duntshill Rd to encourage a petition to the Council to take remedial measures for a range of traffic issues impacting upon their communities. This was presented at the July full Council and should be considered at the next Transport etc Committee meeting.

Cycle Hangars

The lack of secure bike storage for residents who need and want to cycle has been a long-term issue.  We have campaigned for many years to overturn the Tories refusal to roll-out cycle hangars.  They are delighted to have secured additional hangars on Aslett Street, Franche Court Road and Quinton Street.  Over two thousand residents are still on the waiting list for bike storage.

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