Queenstown News – August 2021

Our councillors Aydin Dikerdem, Paula Walker and Maurice McLeod have been working hard for you in Queenstown.

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Since we started vaccinating in January Cllr Paula Walker has been volunteering with all the Battersea GPs to ensure everyone got their vaccine. She is a former Nurse and started off with meeting and greeting residents, progressing to actually giving the vaccine. She says that  ‘It was truly wonderful to see so many familiar Battersea faces after such a long hard lockdown. At the start, there was a period where Battersea was not getting any vaccine. While St George’s Hospital was vaccinating people, Wandsworth’s figures looked good, but this didn’t help the people of Battersea, so we campaigned to make sure we had enough supply along with Marsha de Cordova, our MP.


Covid-19 Pandemic 


Since the first lockdown we three Queenstown Cllrs have been busy helping residents, delivering food, collecting laptops for schools, and putting businesses in touch with available grants. We delivered thousands of leaflets so people unable to leave their homes knew how to contact us and other vital services in the area. We have also carried out hundreds of individual pieces of casework from issues relating to access to health services to housing problems.

Paula Walker helping with vaccine delivery 

Queenstown Councillors speaking to residents impacted by flooding

Flooding in Battersea 


We Councillors visited the areas around Queenstown Rd affected by floods very recently to find that the Council had not cleared the streets of raw sewage and were intending to charge residents to clear their damaged homes. We very quickly found that the council had not yet cleaned the streets of raw sewage and were planning on charging residents to clean their damaged home. Since then we have put pressure on Wandsworth Council to show kindness to people who were in crisis, some of whom had to move out, and collect their rubbish and clean the streets.


What is shocking is that there is no climate emergency resilience plan in place at Wandsworth Council, despite all the Councillors voting to take action against the climate emergency.



We have needed our parks and green spaces more than ever in the last year. As Labour’s Environment Speaker, Cllr Walker has argued for the importance of keeping all green space free, open and accessible. She has also demanded that Wandsworth Council stops using Glyphosate weedkiller except in extreme cases of Japanese Knotweed. The World Health Organisation has identified Glyphosate as highly dangerous to the extent that damages have been awarded in America because of how harmful it can be. Meanwhile, Wandsworth Council continues to use it in our parks, playgrounds and open spaces.

Flooding on Queenstown Road. 

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