We have school holiday extension to opening times at Fishponds Playing Fields, with school children activities, but everyone can come in and enjoy. We have worked with Forever Fishponds and have been fighting a 10-year battle for extended opening times, we need to make it permanent though.

After helping CREW with a grant application, CREW have set up a Fuel Poverty line and installed “Green walls” at Smallwood and Hillbrook Schools. This will take carbon and pollution out of the atmosphere and out of children’s lungs, improving behaviours and attainment.

We’ve managed to get 8 new bike hangars installed on; Brudenell Road 2, Khartoum Road 2, Garratt Terrace 1 and Mandrake Road 1. However, there are still many people waiting and we need many more.

We are resisting a communal gas boiler conversion at Smallwood Road. There should be no gas grid conversions if we expect to make carbon zero.

After the Tooting LTNs were suspended, we had residents on Maybury, Carlwell and Aldis Roads who wanted theirs retained. We managed to get this re-instated.

We have also got agreement on road narrowing on Gateside Road, after a cyclist was knocked off their bike there. The “mouth” of the road is far too wide.

The council had decided to restrict parking on the roads around the AFC Wimbledon ground from 9.30am to 9.30pm, every day! We campaigned, with Rosena, for a match-day only restriction of those hours. We were successful!

We have had 3 very successful Resident Association canvasses at the Hazelhurst Estate and surrounds, where we had really good feedback and enthusiasm from fed-up residents. They feel neglected by the council and want a lot of changes in their neighbourhoods and blocks. We await the council’s response to the request for establishing the resident associations.

We are looking into a landlord who is charging over £1,100 a month for one bedroom in a HMO, leading to him being benefit capped, relying on discretionary payments and foodbanks. They rent quite a few homes around the borough on the same basis.

Councillor Paul White continues to volunteer at Tooting Community Kitchen’s Friday Foodbank and Saturday’s hot food stall. Our outreach for Street homeless is now for more than double, than it was a month ago. With evictions now allowed & support for those with no recourse to public funds questionable, could be a tough Autumn.

You can contact your councillors using the following email addresses:

Cllr Annamarie Critchard: acritchard@wandsworth.gov.uk

Cllr Paul White: cllr.p.white@wandsworth.gov.uk

Cllr James Daley: jamesdaley@wandsworth.gov.uk