Wandsworth Labour will cut your Council Tax

Labour supports keeping Council Tax low – which is why we’re backing a 1% reduction this year.  

The situation we face is low wages for too many workers, the price of essentials going up and the Government planning unfair tax increases.

It’s right to keep Council Tax low in this Conservative cost of living crisis.

We believe in fairness. Fairness means a modest reduction in Council Tax because any increase will hit the poorest hardest – people already struggling to pay their bills.

Council tax is a regressive tax. Those on the lowest incomes pay six times more than the highest earners, relative to their income.

And in reality Council Tax only pays for a small fraction of local services – just 5% of Wandsworth Council’s budget is covered by your Council Tax.

We can – and we will – find other sources of income. We will make the Council’s assets work harder. Our maxim will be: ‘We will invest for the future, not borrow to pay today’s bills’. We’ll open up the books, cancel wasteful contracts and spend every pound of your money wisely.

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