Labour has 26 Councillors across Wandsworth. Scroll down to find out more about them.

Latchmere Ward

Councillor Kate Stock

Kate is a barrister who has lived in Battersea for over 10 years. She’s determined to stop Wandsworth’s public services from being undermined by vicious cuts.

She was first elected to Latchmere ward in 2018.

Queenstown Ward

Councillor Aydin Dikerdem

Aydin Dikerdem currently sits on the Education and Children’s Services committee after serving three years on the Housing committee.
He grew up in Battersea and went to Elliott School (now Ark Putney), and was politicised through the campaign to save the playing fields there, which the Council was trying to sell off.
He was elected to represent Queenstown Ward in 2016 when he was 24, and has been involved in campaigning and activism in Battersea ever since. For his day job he works as a community organiser for the Labour Party.
Graveney Ward

Councillor Kate Forbes

Kate lives in Graveney Ward in Tooting and was elected to represent it in 2018. Kate was a member of the Adult Care Services & Health Committee 2018-20, but is now a member of the Housing & Regeneration Committee.
Roehampton Ward

Councillor Jeremy Ambache

Jeremy was elected as a Labour Councillor in May 2014 and has represented Roehampton and Putney Heath ward since then. He has campaigned successfully for improved children’s play facilities throughout the ward, better access to NHS health care and the development of stronger local community and voluntary groups. During the Covid - 19 pandemic Jeremy has helped to support the Roehampton Response Network and developed the telephone befriending services.
Jeremy was the Labour Shadow Cabinet lead for Education and Childrens' Services from 2016-19; and now he is the Labour co-leader (with Cllr Graeme Henderson) for Adult Care and Health.
Bedford Ward

Councillor Clare Fraser

Clare lives in Bedford Ward in Tooting and was elected to represent it in 2018. Clare is a member of the South London Swimming Club and a regular swimmer at the Lido. She is also a member of the Tooting Common Management Advisory Committee.
Clare was a member of the Education & Children’s Services Committee 2018-20 and is now a member of the Community Services & Open Spaces Committee.
Graveney Ward

Councillor Andy Gibbons

Andy Gibbons is opposition speaker on Finance, Resources and Climate Sustainability and has held a number of speaker roles on the Council, including Education and Transport.
He is a former teacher and is now a caseworker and organiser for a Union, assisting members with problems at work.
He is a long-time resident of Tooting, where he lives with his family and has been a Councillor in Graveney Ward since 1994.
Outside of Council life he is interested in music, walking and supporting local football team AfC Wimbledon.
Graveney Ward

Councillor Kemi Akinola

Kemi Akinola is a dedicated food justice activist and the Deputy Leader of the Wandsworth Labour Group. Her commitment to working through community to reduce hunger and poverty led to her appointment as a trustee of the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN). Here she campaigns for increased income instead of state-aid solutions to food poverty.

In 2013 Kemi set up her own charity and social enterprise focused on supporting people in South London with access to food, opportunities for career experience, and employment. She has mentored and advised food start-ups and community projects in London, Guildford, Scotland, and West Virginia, USA.

Kemi was elected in 2018 to Wandsworth council to represent Graveney Ward, where she has lived with her 2 rescue cats for many years. In 2020 she became the highest ranking Black leader of Wandsworth Council in 107 years.

She became Vice Chair of Wandsworth Co-operative party in 2019 and received a recognition award for her outstanding contribution to the co-operative movement during the CoVID pandemic. Kemi has been a member of Shadow Cabinet representing the Voluntary Sector and Business (2017-18), Equality, Voluntary Sector and Business Engagement (2018-19) and Diversity and Equality (2019-20).

Earlsfield Ward

Councillor Graeme Henderson

Graeme has been an Earlsfield Councillor since May 2018. A former civil servant specialising in Occupational Health and Safety and Public Health, he was appointed as Wandsworth Labour Group's Health Spokesperson in June 2020. He previously served on the Adult Care and Health Committee and the Health & Well-Being Board for over 2 years.
Since then he has encouraged an better local response to Covid-19. An active trade unionist, he became National President of his trade union, Prospect and has held a number of positions as a Charity Trustee and Tribunal Member.
Locally he is an active supporter of Earlsfield Foodbank, the Nicholas Stewart Project, Earlsfield School Street and Earlsfield Business Network.
Tooting Ward

Councillor James Daley

James has been a consumer campaigner and financial journalist for 20 years. As well as being a Chair of Governors at Smallwood Primary School, he was was first elected to Tooting ward in 2010.
Furzedown Ward

Councillor Leonie Cooper AM

Leonie is Assembly Member for Merton and Wandsworth. She was first elected for Latchmere in 2006, moving to Furzedown ward in 2010.
She has worked extensively in social housing and has campaigned with the City Hall Labour Group for cleaner air and an ecological city.
Queenstown Ward

Councillor Maurice McLeod

Maurice grew up in Battersea and has lived in Wandsworth all his life, first elected to Queenstown ward in 2018. He is a journalist and is the founder and Director of Media Diversified. Since 2019, he's been the CEO of Race on the Agenda.
Tooting Ward

Councillor Annamarie Critchard

Annamarie has lived in Wandsworth since 1981 and has been a councillor for Tooting ward since 2014. Her background is in IT and the NHS, working with GPs as a practice manager and then a commissioner.
She has been on the Planning Committee for much of her time as councillor and has seen much of London's new skyline through the committee. She's also the Opposition Speaker on the Grants Committee, which allocates the annual grant fund of around £340k to local organisations; a figure that she thinks it not nearly enough considering how much the voluntary sector does locally and how hard they've worked to support people during the pandemic.
Particular successes during her time as a councillor have been getting Wandsworth to agree double-swipe taxi-cards, working with local residents to get a lorry ban in the Fishponds Road area, and sorting out problems for residents.
As well as being a councillor, she volunteers at my local Oxfam bookshop, helps with a local Woodcraft Folk group for children, supports AFC Wimbledon and plays Bridge. If you see her out and about on my bike, give her a wave!
St Mary's Park Ward

Councillor Emily Wintle

Emily is the Labour councillor for St Mary's Park, first elected in 2018. She grew up in South London and has lived in Battersea for the past 15 years. She has 10 years’ experience as a public servant, and is passionate about improving services for children and young people.
She has been a member of the Finance, Resources & Climate Sustainability 2018-20 and since 2020 has also been a member of the Housing & Regeneration Committee.
Queenstown Ward

Councillor Paula Walker

Paula has lived in Battersea for 20 years, where she has raised two children and looked after her elderly father. She has campaigned tirelessly against closures of local youth services.
As a nurse, Paula worked in a number of hospitals across London.
She was first elected to Queenstown ward in 2018, after being inspired to stand for the Council when the Council bulldozed the local adventure playground, replaced the local childrens centre with retail, and closed the Sure Start centres.
Paula sits on the Grants Committee, the Adult Social Care & Health Committee, and the Community Services & Open Spaces Committee, where she is Labour's environment speaker.
Latchmere Ward

Councillor Tony Belton

Tony has been a Wandsworth Labour councillor since 1971 and for Latchmere ward since 1982. He was leader of the Labour Group for 27 years, and has been a member of most of the Council’s Committees, over the years. He currently sits on the Planning Applications Committee and also on the Conservation Areas Advisory Committee.
Bedford Ward

Councillor Hector Denfield

Hector is a solicitor specialising in public procurement and contract law. He has represented Bedford ward, where he lives with his wife and son, since 2018.
His political passions are fighting climate change and inequality - he urges everyone to read The Spirit Level by by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett! In his spare time he enjoys skydiving, climbing and chess.
Furzedown Ward

Councillor Judi Gasser

Judi has worked as a charity fundraiser for many years, raising money for a range of causes: eye health in developing countries, conservation, sport and disability. Prior to this she ran Deen City Farm and set up The Bread and Roses pub in Clapham for the Workers Beer Company.
Judi has three daughters who grew up in a Furzedown and went to Wandsworth schools.
Judi is joint lead on the Education and Children’s Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee (OSC) and also serves on the Adult Care Health OSC. Current concerns are ensuring all children have enough to eat, and that children with a special need or disability, or a mental health problem, get the support they need.
Judi also campaigns on the climate emergency with Extinction Rebellion and other groups, and on curriculum change and anti-racism with many concerned residents. In Furzedown, she helps organise School Streets, is on the Furzedown Community Network Committee , Friends of Furzedown Rec Committee, sings with the Great Gustos and has been known to ‘star’ as Daisy the Cow in the Furzedown pantomime.
Latchmere Ward

Councillor Simon Hogg

Simon is leader of Wandsworth Labour and has been a councillor for Latchmere since 2010. He has campaigned against the local Tories’ cosy relationship with property developers and for decent housing across Battersea.
Tooting Ward

Councillor Paul White

Paul won the Tooting ward by-election in August 2016. He was Labour’s joint Housing Speaker from 2017-2021, leading campaigns around sprinklers, regeneration, homelessness and the private rented sector.
Paul was an organiser in Earlsfield where Labour won its first councillor for 28 years in 2014, and chair of the Local Campaign Forum when Wandsworth Labour won 5 elections (mayor, GLA member, national MP and 2 council by-elections) in 18 months.
Paul has been a member of CREW, a local community renewable group, since 2014 and is very interested in sustainable energy and environmental concerns. He runs the Hillbrook School Streets rota and volunteers at Broadwater School Streets.
As well as CREW Paul is involved with Transition Town, Tooting Neighbourhood Forum, Tooting Healthy Streets, BATCA, Earlsfield Foodbank, Dons Local Action Group and is a member of UNITE union and Aboyne Estate RA.
Paul has lived in Tooting for 30 years, has two children at university in the US, and ran Tooting and Mitcham and Hampton and Richmond Juniors Football club for 12 years. He also coached at the Goalkeeper Development Centre at Fulham FC’s Youth Academy in Motspur Park.

Councillor Graham Loveland

Graham represents Furzedown Ward, where he has lived for the last 30 years.
He has been active in the local community, helping out at the local Furzedown Project and with raising funds for local causes.
Before retiring, Graham worked in local government as a planning officer and was the Chief Planning Officer at Islington and Hackney. He has extensive knowledge of town planning.
He is currently sits on the Council’s Planning and Transportation Committee (and is the Labour Group spokesperson for strategic planning) and is also a member of the Planning Application Committee.
West Hill Ward

Councillor Angela Ireland

Angela Ireland lives in West Hill Ward in Putney and was elected to represent it in 2018. Angela is the Chair of her local Residents Association, which she represented at the Council’s Borough Residents Forum. She has been a champion of tenant and leaseholder rights for many years, fighting for them to get a good deal.

Between 2018-20 Angela was a member of the Housing & Regeneration Committee. She is now a member of the Finance, Resources & Climate Sustainability Committee, General Purposes Committee and the Audit Committee, putting her professional experience in finance to good use.

Roehampton and Putney Heath

Councillor Sue McKinney

Sue is the Deputy Mayor of Wandsworth and has been councillor for Roehampton and Putney Heath since 2014. She works at the University of Roehampton. Previously a member of the Education & Children’s Services Committee, she is currently a member of the Grants Committee.
Earlsfield Ward

Councillor Jo Rigby

Jo has been a Wandsworth councillor since 2018. She takes a lot of pride in helping residents to sort out the day-today things that affect their lives, such as street cleanliness, housing and access to local services.
Jo is Labour's Active Travel and Transport Speaker, committed to delivering safer roads and cleaner air.
Roehampton and Putney Heath Ward

Councillor Claire Gilbert

Claire Gilbert has been a Roehampton Councillor since May 2018.
Originally from Ireland, Claire has lived in the Borough for over 10 years with her partner and now 3 young children. She volunteers locally for the Roehampton Community Box and is Chair of Governors at the Alton Primary School.
Claire is a barrister and continues to work on a voluntary basis for South West London Law Centres (Winner of Legal Aid Law Firm of 2020!). One of the team which has revived the Wandsworth Labour Women's Forum, Claire has always taken a strong interest in women's rights and social justice, working with Maternity Action, Working Families, the Access to Justice Foundation, the Anti-Trafficking Labour Exploitation Unit and Food Chain.
Claire works closely with the Member of Parliament for Putney, Roehampton and Southfields, Fleur Anderson MP, as part of her parliamentary team.
Particular interests locally include planning and housing in the area, and community and environmental issues. Often seen collecting litter or cycling with her children, who love hedgehogs!