Same low Council Tax – with better local services


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Wandsworth is a fantastic place to live. Its strong, diverse communities represent the best of modern Britain.

But with Boris Johnson’s Conservatives in charge locally as well as nationally, people are starting to feel the strain.

We deserve a compassionate council that truly listens. That creates genuinely affordable homes and safer, greener neighbourhoods. Only Labour can deliver this.

Wandsworth Labour will cut your Council Tax this year – saving you money in the Conservative cost of living crisis. We will keep your Council Tax low for the long term by making the council’s assets work harder. We’ll open up the books, cancel wasteful contracts and spend every pound of your money wisely.

Labour stands ready with a principled and experienced team – and a fresh vision built on fairness and common sense. Ambitious for all.

The choice is clear. Vote Labour on May 5th to get the same low council tax, with better local services